Alzheon Gets Closer to Alzheimer’s Drug Treatment

Alzheon CEO Martin Tolar interview with Cheddar, TV station reporting from the New York Stock Exchange

Listen to our CEO Martin Tolar discuss the company’s mission to develop the first oral disease modifying treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease and how it compares with other therapies in clinical development. Martin starts by highlighting what makes the Alzheon approach different because it targets the bad forms of amyloid which are toxic to sensitive brain cells responsible for memory and learning. Next, he describes ALZ-801 which is Alzheon’s phase 3-ready oral therapy that has received FDA Fast Track designation.  Additionally, he addresses Kristen Scholer’s and Tim Stenovec’s questions about how in the future, therapies such as ALZ-801 could be used to treat patients at risk of Alzheimers disease before symptoms emerge, as well as the costs of clinical development and bringing this product to market.

“Our advantage versus the other programs from Biogen and Eisai is that it’s an oral drug with a good safety profile that could be used both therapeutically and preventively” said Martin Tolar, MD, PhD, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alzheon.

Use the outline below to jump to the answers you want to hear within this video interview:

How does this drug work? [0:23]

Where are you in the pipeline right now in the drugs development? [0:50]

In terms of the pill ingestion, how is that safer than other forms of treatment? [1:20]

What are the early indications that you’re seeing in the development that are giving you encouraging news that it is effective? [2:22]

Biogen is seeking FDA approval for its own Alzheimer drug, how exactly is yours, different and are you confident that you’re going to be able to provide a different solution and effective solution versus Biogen? [3:10]

How much money have you allocated in order to bring this to market and then how much do you plan on charging for this especially at a time when prescription drug pricing is under such scrutiny here in the US? [4:30]

How would your pipeline change; how would the go to market strategy change if Senator Elizabeth Warren, or if Senator Bernie Sanders were to win election in 2020 and potentially when your drug reaches market, a Medicare for all plan is in place. [5:33]

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