Our vision at Alzheon

We strive to bring transformational therapies to patients.

We are passionately dedicated to developing effective treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other devastating neurodegenerative disorders.

We are applying innovation to drug development in neurodegeneration by capitalizing on scientific and clinical insights, so we can rapidly and efficiently  move towards new therapeutic solutions with substantially lower development risk.

We are committed to improving the lives of patients, their families and caregivers.

We aim to develop breakthrough therapies that can change the lives of patients with neurodegenerative disorders.

Our approach

Our precision medicine approach in Alzheimer’s

Right Patients:  APOE4/4 early to mild Alzheimer’s

  • Homogeneous population overexpressing amyloid pathology
  • Focus on early to mild Alzheimer’s where amyloid oligomers play key role in disease progression 

Right Drug:
Improved ALZ-801 oral prodrug formulation

  • Consistent plasma levels provide for high brain penetration for oligomer inhibition
  • Improved oral absorption & GI tolerability
  • No vasogenic brain edema in tramiprosate clinical trials 

Right Trial: 
Phase 3 trial to confirm clinical efficacy in APOE4/4 patients

  • Phase 3 program authorized by FDA with validated cognitive & functional measures
  • Well tolerated, long-term safety evaluated in 2,000 patients at effective clinical dose
  • FDA agreed to use tramiprosate safety data for ALZ-801 NDA submission
  • Fast Track designation granted for ALZ-801 Alzheimer’s program

For patients and caregivers

We are not yet enrolling patients in our Phase 3 clinical trial with ALZ-801.

Please check back as we will update our website when we are ready to start our clinical trial.

5.8M people suffer from Alzheimer’s in the U.S. alone1

There are 35 million Alzheimer’s patients Worldwide2


No new Alzheimer’s drugs approved in 16 years

ALZ-801 could be first oral disease modifying treatment for Alzheimer’s

  • Alzheimer’s disease = 6th leading cause of death
  • A growing problem in U.S. due to aging population
    • Disease characterized by
      1. Destructive memory loss, impaired ability to communicate & comprehend
      2. Inability to complete simple, familiar tasks, confusion with time & place
      3. Poor judgment & decision-making, becoming suspicious, depressed or anxious
    • Death within 5 to 8 years from emergence of clinical symptoms
  • Currently 5.8 million people in U.S. suffer from Alzheimer’s disease
    • Number of patients will increase by ~70% over the next 12 years
  • 47 million people with initial changes in the brain but not yet symptomatic
  • Direct healthcare costs = $277 billion (mostly Medicare)
  • Family & caregiver burden: 16 million people provide unpaid care at cost of $232 billion
Alzheimer’s Association 2018; Brookmeyer 2017; World Alzheimer’s Reports 2018 & 2016