Our Approach at Alzheon

We are building on new insights into AD to target APOE4 patients. 

The Right Patients:  APOE4/4 Mild AD for confirmatory Phase 3 study

  • Homogeneous population of patients overexpressing Aβ pathology
  • Focus on the early stage of AD where Aβ oligomers a play key role in disease progression 

The Right Drug:
Improved ALZ-801 oral prodrug formulation

  • Consistent plasma levels provide for high brain penetration to inhibit Aβ oligomer formation
  • No vasogenic brain edema in tramiprosate clinical trials 

The Right Trial: 
FDA accepted trial design in APOE4/4 AD patients

  • Designed to confirm efficacy signals with same validated cognitive & functional measures
  • Favorable safety observed with tramiprosate in clinical trials involving more than 2,000 subjects
  • FDA agreed to the use of tramiprosate safety data for an NDA submission with ALZ-801
  • Fast Track designation granted by FDA for ALZ-801 AD program