ALZ-801 (valiltramiprosate) increases brain clearance of amyloid to plasma


Adapted from Hansson (2021) Nat Med

Amyloid oligomers drive neurotoxicity & tau pathology

Injured neurons release misfolded tau protein that aggregates into tangles

Plasma p-tau181 reduction predicts clinical efficacy

Gantenerumab – AAIC 2022; Roche GRADUATE Phase 3 Studies Press Release, November 2022
Aducanumab – AAIC 2021 & CTAD 2021
Lecanemab – CTAD 2021; Swanson (2020) Alz Res Therapy; Eisai CLARITY AD Phase 3 Study Press Release, September 2022
ALZ-801 – CTAD 2022

Amyloid clearance from brain to plasma via astrocyte end-feet on capillaries & by glial uptake

Tarasof-Conway (2015) Nat Rev Neurol & Bagheri (2013) PLOS One

ALZ-801 blocks amyloid aggregation in brain, promotes efflux of monomers to plasma & activation of astrocytes

ALZ-801 Blocks Amyloid Aggregation

Tarasof-Conway (2015) Nat Rev Neurol & Bagheri (2013) PLOS One

Alzheimer’s diagnostic test enables prevention

  • Alzheon collaborates with world-renowned Czech Institute of Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry to develop 1st commercial assay to measure neurotoxic amyloid oligomers in brain
  • Diagnostic & theragnostic application of assay increases value of ALZ-801 product by expanding target population & duration of treatmen