Alzheon CEO Martin Tolar interview with Generation Bold, a Radio Public podcast with host Adriane Berg, one of the most credentialed and recognized broadcasters and speakers on aging in the nation and internationally

Martin Tolar Interview on Generation Bold July 2021

Alzheon CEO, Martin Tolar, interviews with Generation Bold Podcast host, Adriane Berg. They discuss Alzheon’s Phase 3 trail, how exercise, lifestyle and fasting can clear the brain, who will pay for breakthrough medications and how you can take your longevity into your hands.

We have an opportunity, with understanding of biology and science behind Alzheimer’s disease, to use plasma and imaging biomarkers to find the right patients and treat them long before they develop clinical symptoms” said Martin Tolar, MD, PhD, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alzheon

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Tell us about the little and the big aspects of your new breakthrough. [02:05]

I do know that on an emotional level, your real target is prevention. And you have said that the new growth in biomarkers being able to understand parts of our own body and how they’re functioning goes hand in hand. Can you tell us a little bit about that now? [05:13]

Phase 3 is something that is the beginning of getting these breakthroughs to us. Explain that process to us and what’s happening with regard to your particular Phase 3 trial. [11:04]

You and I are very focused on prevention. And you just laid out to us beautifully the possibility of using early diagnostics and not and offering medication, offering treatment to people before an official diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, which is what we all really want. What do you think of the FDA’s position there? And can you show the same thing for a Phase 3 trial for both applications of this breakthrough? [13:19]

When do you think you’ll be completed with Phase 3 and making your applications? [17:22]

What is the marker, we’ll say, I won’t just say biomarker, for us to consider whether we should be looking into the possibility of Alzheimer’s in our futures? [20:44]

Because of this cultural issue that you’re supposed to decline as you age. I don’t like that. And I’m just wondering if it impacts you, the entire culture around aging. [25:44]

Do you think we’ll ever get to the stage where we do not have to call aging a disease in order for the FDA to approve covered medical breakthroughs and devices? [31:40]

So this is what I mean by health equity. And since you’ve been thinking about it, in addition to Alzheimer’s, where do you see that going? You think it’s going to be for the people of means only to get these preventions or there’ll be a regulator change of heart? [35:59]

So we want to keep ourselves as healthy as possible waiting, … because you’re so immersed in the pharmaceuticals, doesn’t mean that you are not also immersed in exercise, nutrition, as they say, nutraceuticals, that we can do things we can do right now to prevent or maintain where we are with our aging…what’s your personal take on that? [38:53]

Source: Generation Bold