US biotech points to new analysis of phase III results for tramiprosate

Alzheimer's candidate tramiprosate

Four years ago, US biotech Alzheon took a gamble on Alzheimer’s candidate tramiprosate, thinking it saw potential in the drug despite a failed phase III trial. Now, it has some positive data to back up its view that it could work in a subset of patients with the disease.

Alzheon is developing a prodrug of tramiprosate, an anti-amyloid drug originally developed by Canadian for Bellus Health/Neurochem as Alzhemed but scrapped by its developer in 2009 after showing no activity in trials involving mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s patients. Like dozens of other shelved amyloid-targeting agents, it would have been all-but forgotten had Alzheon not decided to start work on its new version.

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