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Our Pipeline

Our lead oral product, ALZ-801, is ready for Phase 3 in Alzheimer’s.

Focused on mild AD patients
Targeted patient selection based on APOE4 genotype
Granted Fast Track Designation by FDA for development in AD

ALZ-801 is an improved prodrug formulation of tramiprosate which showed

Promising clinical signals in a subset of AD patients
Favorable long-term safety in more than 2,000 subjects

Our lead pre-clinical candidate is ALZ-1903

New chemical entity
More potent inhibitor of Aβ misfolding

Discovery Platform

Rich and diverse compound libraries enabled by the novel MOA
Designed to inhibit the misfolding of Aβ and other proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases

Consistent Efficacy Across Biomarker & Clinical Studies

Alzheon Pipeline - Efficacy Across Biomarker & Clinical Studies